Omega Constellation Replica watches 2022

In 1948, shortly after the end of the Second World War, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Omega replica brand, fake Omega released a limited edition replica watch of the automatic winding Observatory – “century”, which was warmly sought after by people with significantly improved lives in a peaceful environment. In 1952, the brand launched a mass-produced version of the constellation replica series for the first time, calling for luxury and precision. From then on, the legend of “star picking” among replica watch fans began 2022.

Omega Constellation Replica watches

Omega Constellation Replica watches

For professional stargazers, every time they use a telescope to search the sky, they will find a “reference star”. It can be bright and eye-catching stars such as Venus, mercury, Polaris and Sirius, and use this as a reference point to observe and calculate the movement of other celestial bodies around them. Since its birth, Omega Constellation Replica watch has been characterized by luxury, precision and fashion. Its long-term historical evolution has made it a “reference star” in the watch industry, which has attracted special attention from collectors and connoisseurs. The precious metal case with ingenious structure, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appearance is the most proud feature of constellation series and is the model of luxury replica watch design; The operational accuracy approved by the observatory, the numerous champions of precision competitions and the coronation of world records have led the stars in quality and quality; The name of fashion comes not only from the noble appearance, but also from the advanced high-quality automatic winding technology, which completely updates the technical foundation of watches and the basic habits of people wearing watches. As a product series promoted by a brand, the story of constellation is always unfinished and constantly updated, which further consolidates its special position of classic inheritance.

For the current Omega Constellation Replica watches fans, there may be two direct reasons why it stands out from many classic series. One is the brand’s highly iconic “claw” – that is the design element first introduced in the constellation series “Manhattan” in 1982. The four claws on the left and right sides of its bezel are designed to fix the sapphire glass mirror and washer to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch, Now they no longer have this function and have been transformed into symbols or even lucky objects of product series. The second is the rich changes in the family of its series of products, and the sizes of men’s and women’s styles are almost beautiful. The latter is obviously more direct and convenient for buyers to choose.

In terms of specific watch models, women’s exclusive constellation replica series 28mm quartz wristwatch: stainless steel case with stainless steel strap, Matcha green dial decorated with diamond hour scale and white 18 karat gold brand logo, and the Roman digital time scale engraved on the bezel adopts the same green tone. The electronic quartz movement is reliable, practical and convenient. Ladies with more modern tastes can choose the constellation series 34mm Zhizhen Observatory small second hand watch: its peacock blue dial shows the effect of solar ray polishing, and there is a round calendar window at 6 o’clock. The incremental diamond hour scale is inlaid in the white 18K Gold bracket. The small second plate and the central minute circle are decorated with a ring. The pointer, Omega brand logo and star emblem are all made of white 18K gold. Inside, it is equipped with the Omega 8802 Zhizhen Observatory movement. Through the anti reflection and wear-resistant arched sapphire glass back, the operation of the movement is clearly visible.

For men, the classic and elegant constellation replica series 39mm zenith Observatory Watch: the 39mm case is made of stainless steel and Sedna 18K gold. It is gentle. The pointer, Omega brand logo, constellation logo and hour scale are all made of Sedna 18 K gold, which is particularly gorgeous. The bezel is engraved with Roman numerals, a light silver white dial, and a 6-o’clock calendar window. It is a familiar constellation classic. The inside of this watch is equipped with the Omega 8800 coaxial Zhizhen Observatory movement. The structure of the movement is clearly visible through the arc arch type wear-resistant sapphire glass back.

The relatively unique choice is the zunba 41mm Zhizhen Observatory calendar watch: stainless steel case with hard alloy (tungsten carbide) bezel. The back of the wearable sapphire glass watch is inlaid with the emblem of the observatory. The grey “pie plate” dial polished by the sun’s rays is reminiscent of the first constellation in 1952. Each facet is marked with the month name, which becomes a part of the calendar indicating function. It forms a unique month calendar display with the 6 o’clock calendar window. The calendar function only needs to be adjusted once a year, which is very simple and convenient. The dial is decorated with blue constellation and Omega brand logo. The arched blue pointer and hour scale are coated with super luminova luminous coating. The inside is equipped with the Omega 8922 coaxial zenith Observatory Almanac movement, which adopts innovative antimagnetic technology, especially a necessary function in the modern social environment.

For Omega replica watch fans, constellations may not only be the most luxurious, but also the most changeable series, which is worth studying more.