Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Moon Meteorite Watch

For the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, Cheap Omega Replica Watches has strongly promoted the integration of the METAS Master Chronometer movement into its watches, but not all products are available with specific upgrades. For their latest release, they launched a new version of the Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon, made from historic materials. When you think of it, the moon’s new Omega Speedmaster grey side looks a bit obvious, but Omega people know that fans of the series will appreciate this novelty.

Yes, this is not a name that rolls out the tongue, is it? The moon’s Omega Replica Speedmaster Grey Side (reference number 311. does tell you clearly what it is in the name. In this case, it is the meteorite dial in the rock that fell from Namibia space a long time ago. I have seen a meteorite-like watch with a lot of photos, and I admit that the etched surface will never be fascinated, because this crystal weave is different from anything else I have seen. It also makes sense in the context of Speedmaster’s so-called lunar watch – why not get another spatial reference in the mix?

Meteorite is not the only useful material for the lunar meteorite Omega Replica Watches Super Grey. The 44mm ceramic case is there, but this time its top is how new. More than just a “simple” ceramic bezel made of silicon nitride, it is said to be harder and lighter than ceramics, and has a fast scale printed with OMEGA CeragoldTM. In addition to trademarks, this seems like a clever way, the brand has combined their rose gold compounds with ceramics to create a smooth (I want to last) application.

Rose Gold provides a soft pastel color to the Moon Ocher’s Omega Speedmaster grey side, and tries to make the index and the phone stand on the pattern dial without the rash of gold. I know that I personally avoid gold watches and golden expressions, but I think this does make sense here. If you choose any kind of colorless metal, such as polished steel or silver, it will be lost on that dial. Using red gold here, you can get the dividing line you want without eclipsing the watch.

Despite this, I have to like the material and overall appearance of the moon’s 13’000 Swiss Franc Omega Speedmaster grey side, which is just a new watch produced by Fake Omega Watches in the past few years. Yes, the 9300 is a sturdy movement, and the Speedmaster itself is an iconic design. A few years ago, I was obsessed with the 57 models of the “Supermaster”, but this latest version – the moon Omega’s Omega Speedmaster gray version – did not do the same for me. The use of the dial and materials is very interesting, but I think Omega knows that this watch is suitable for certain types of enthusiasts and costs 13,000 Swiss francs.

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