“Only for the Moon Table: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide” Book Review

It can be said with certainty that the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is a timepiece that does not need to introduce any watch lovers on this planet. Cheap Omega Replica Watches has been working to take advantage of the ultimate (deserved) watch marketing award of the 20th century: Speedmaster’s use in NASA’s manned space missions – including landing on the moon for the first time. However, although everyone knows what the lunar watch is, only a small percentage of fans are really familiar with this legendary story that has been around for 50 years. Moonwatch only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide by Grégoire Rossier and AnthonyMarquié explains the great mission of this iconic watch history and serves as a reference guide for every detail of every Omega Speedmaster. The professional Moonwatch has been around from 1957 to 2012 (this applies to the 2014 edition of the book we are reviewing).

It requires 494 pages and more than 1,000 illustrations are distributed over a 25 x 30.7 cm (10 by 12 inch) size to explain and discuss it. Moonwatch only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide is divided into 5 chapters, introductions, main components and accessories (190 pages only), models (240 pages), selection and use, and the final appendix is ​​a very cool and useful 3-page folding recognition aid. , summed up all models and main specifications.

The author’s goal seems to be nothing more than a versatile guide for Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – but again, this is a very complex task. Even for those who have spent years reading and/or trading Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches, how many different movements, dials, cases, buttons, crowns, bracelets and buckles have been created by Omega Replica for years. Surprisingly – it’s really incredible to think about the inevitable result of trying to cut off the myriad of Gordy’s knots.

With this, we have reached the absolute strongest point of Moonwatch Only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide: Not only is the list of different components seem to be complete, but I have not found any list without color, detailed, high quality Illustration. From the endless variety of different dials and movements to case file differences, everything seems to be well documented – this is what you need to try to determine the age, rarity and other factors of the previous (or next) purchase.

The exact list of specifications is long, but you need to understand this before you put it into this publication, so here are the ten types of components analyzed: caliber, case, dial, bezel, hands, bottom cover , crowns, promoters, glass and bands. All of these subcategories have detailed explanations, exact time periods, and their main references. This may take some time to summarize, but we are talking about 180 pages of extremely detailed records and detailed historical information, dating back to the “pre-professional” era since 1957.

For example, the dial is organized in the most subtle detail, the structure of the dial, the spacing of the “T” marks, the size of the letter “S” and the tip of the “m”. In Speedmaster – and constantly. It’s important to think that even if you have the latest products in the current Best Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster series, if you really care about the extraordinary history of the piece you wear, it may be interesting to find a long history. Actually behind it. Who knows, half a century later, the one you just bought will be reviewed as “flat dial, short S, narrow E, illuminant without S and p added”.

The key is that although not everyone will use this publication as a reference point, it will still be very fascinating for the extraordinary history of this great timepiece. Speaking of its use as a fantastic informal time reading, the second, larger part of the book, called “Models”, details all of the different Omega Speedmaster models, special editions and limited editions. Even the prototype – once again detailing the interpretation and the consistently great image.

From a personal point of view, this 240-page section on all these cool references reminds me of my fascination with all the superb vehicles on display through my uncle’s car catalog when I was young… …if you like Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster Pro, you will be amazed at the really incredible iterations shown here that are rarely (or never seen). Whether they are production models, special versions or prototypes, they are all there, beautiful illustrations.

In this section, again, the explanatory text discusses the different changes that may occur over time, in addition to a chart with the same criteria: from production quantity and date to popularity estimates, the range of movements encountered, Accurate reference numbers and PIC codes, caliber numbers, case, dial, bezel and other component specifications and types – all are accurately listed to ensure that people can identify his/her work from various versions. You have to be careful not to fall in love with some of the rare and very cool versions of the show – some works immediately become the top of my personal “must be” list.

criticism? At 290 Swiss francs, the price of this huge hard cover version may seem steep at first – but once you consider the amount of work required to collect the details, take this consistent image and then pack it Everything went into such a complete package, and everything started to add up. More importantly, if you are considering investing in an old-fashioned Omega Speedmaster Pro, you can save even more by using this reference book to get the right product at the right price.

We really just have a review of the “Limited Table: Extreme Omega Speedmaster Guide” book – there is a strong temptation to include more pages and scans, but you really have to see it all and make the sums wonderful The history, amazing details, and all the beautiful images sink into it. Therefore, we will end where the book begins, Fake Omega Watches President Stephen Urquht said: “I know you will like it.”

Again, the price of Moonwatch only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide is 290 Swiss francs, which can be provided in English, French or Italian through the book website of the publisher Watchprint.

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