Omega Speedmaster White One Moon Watch Hand

One of the most popular games I can’t wait to see at Baselworld in 2015 is the Omega Replica Speedmaster white version of the moon. When I said that I was a fan of the original dark side of the moon in 2013, I am definitely not alone (in this comment), I prefer the gray part of the moon with lighter color and higher contrast. So, when this happens, the white side — or rather the bright side — we want to see how it compares to the more serious elders.

While Swiss luxury watch holdings and brands seem to be running at full capacity to develop any new trends and market gaps, we are not a spoiled choice when it comes to white watches… so the ωSpeedmaster white moon is enough to make a difference and tell us that iconic The design can be bright in the eyes, Snow White? Let’s take a look.

But before we get started, let me point out the only unpleasant element of the 2015 version: its strap. This white crocodile belt has white stitching, fine workmanship, and a thick padding, but most importantly, it has a smooth, very feminine look. Don’t misunderstand me, it may not be a bad thing, because I am convinced that this white and shiny belt looks like an amazing fashion lady’s wrist… However, this choice of leather further emphasizes the “WSotM” on both sides, which is also too early to make many The title is a woman’s watch. However, the facts are far removed from the facts, because in addition to this imminent feminine appearance, the other side of this white watch is also the same: it is a sporty, casual, exquisite watch, more casual In the occasion, it does look great. So, let’s cover up the choice of straps this time.

If you don’t like (or even dislike it at all) a white watch, what happens next may not be enough to change your mind, but it’s really worth discussing. How does this “Snow White” version make Speedmaster look so different? I chatted with some designer friends who wanted to choose the right color for the product. I learned that if you want the shape of the product to explain everything, white is not the best color, and one of the best colors. I recommend watching the car, you see around you (preferably in real life, not pictures): white shows most of the curves, bulges, indentations, also known as “negative space”, thoughtfully The ground is added to the chassis of the car, making it easier to appreciate the details of the design.

The reason is that when the object is painted white, your eyes can more easily identify small changes in the three-dimensional shape, because you can see the transition between bright and dark, protruding and shaded areas. This sounds obvious, but you can easily see the shadow on a light surface, but it’s not so obvious on a dark surface. Moreover, if there are no shadows, it is difficult for the eyes to see more subtle three-dimensional differences. This explains why Omega’s signature curves on the side of this iconic watch – Omega’s performance on ceramics – and all the other design features of this watch can now be easily passed through Omega Replica Watches. The white side is appreciated.

In my opinion, although the dark side of the moon shows a very powerful design, the difference between the white and black models is very large in terms of wrist appearance. Black is as cool as Darth Vader’s helmet, as high-tech, as ugly, and the white moon of the Omega Speed ​​Master may be bolder, but more fashionable and less serious. Of course, whether a watch with a price of around $10,000 should be taken seriously depends on personal preference.

However, don’t let the less serious white let you miss some important points. When evaluating the aesthetic qualities of the Omega Speedmaster white side (or any other non-metallic outer watch), it must be noted that it is difficult to convey the depth of the gloss, so it is difficult to convey the quality appearance of the ceramic case. The problem is that when shooting with a digital camera, it looks more like plastic. So, although I am confident that if you personally see and hold any kind of white plastic watch and then hold this watch, you can immediately see the obvious difference in aesthetics, feel and quality of ceramics. Superiority. In addition, because ceramic watches are extremely difficult to scratch, and their color does not fade over time (forever), the durability and long-term quality of ceramic watches cannot match the plastic case – unless you drop it on the ground Otherwise it will break.

In this way, we have determined that white ceramics actually look and feel high quality, but all these efforts make the Omega Speedmaster white moon side the preferred choice for anyone who wants their first Speedmaster. “It’s probably not, but it’s probably not designed.” I can safely say that pure white watches are rarely purchased as the only watch for obvious fashion-related reasons.

Therefore, while announcing the launch of all-black and several other watches, Cheap Omega Replica Watches also used the Whitemaster for all-white treatment, including a white ceramic case, dial, propulsion, crown, and even a buckle. This seems to be a sensible bright-looking supplement to extend the “Moon” collection, plus it also allows ω to take out a high-end watch in a pure white not-so-competitive segment, by offering a considerable choice for those who like white watches And want to match, their passion and an iconic design.

Under this white avalanche, you can still find Omega’s 9300 coaxial caliber, which is a fantastic huge sport with two barrels, 60 hours of power reserve, a silicon balance spring and a timing function (pictured above) Shown), time and minute are displayed on the same indexing plate. So, when you get a white one, you can also enjoy a great caliber – although we are looking forward to seeing Fake Omega Watches update it to their main coaxial standard (explained here).

In essence, if you don’t like wearing a white watch, the Omega Speedmaster white version of the moon watch may not change your mind – but for those who like to wear a white watch, it is still the best competition in the small market. One of them. The price is 10,800 Swiss francs, which is about 10,900 US dollars.

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