Take A Look At All The New Omega Factories At BIENNE

After 12 years of planning and development, Omega Replica Watches opened its doors for its latest mechanical watch assembly equipment by the end of 2017. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban demonstrated his superb skills and understanding of Omega’s core values ​​when he designed the Nicolas G. Hayek Center in Tokyo’s Ginza business district. Inspired by the style of traditional watchmaking, the Omega Watch Factory is by no means a typical watchmaking device.

This is short-lived, but tells the medical report how many states the watch industry is – or we should say, built some – really new watch manufacturing, opened recently … this is also a telling story who has done very well when You look at those that can afford such risks and huge investments in yourself and your own future. We visited the brand new Cheap Omega Replica Watches factory (which they like to call it), and in Bienne, we look at how the shiny new factory is different from other factories.

I mean, nobody really bats the eye off if a new car, electronics, or clothes make a popular floor from day to day in any part of the world, but most luxury watch industry has always had more pressing issues to deal with recently It is quite serious than the commission and the construction of new large-scale production capacity, especially in the foam market where many burning themselves are over-used.

I know every opportunity for you to understand this new manufacturing can be different from other people, we will soon, I just like a little more mental exercise, before we let the security, but the new building’s silent door open in the Before us. Before we visited, I was playing with the idea of ​​exactly how much things have come together. The watch brand ultimately decided things “yes, we very much believe that we have to spend an incomprehensible and a new manufacturing that can perform at our most Ok!”

Imagine how many different people feel comfortable with such an investment – if I were an accountant for Fake Omega Watches, I would certainly be as grey as Gandalf, or worse, even more than Van Düssel. Bald head. But the new ω factory did happen, and it actually happened because if Blancpain never produced the brand Breguet and Jaquet dro and Harry Winston was in order to be the Swarovski Group’s crown jewel – this All need polishing, to put it nicely, I found this not to be a saying that the crown of the Swatch Group itself is ω… when we, Swatch are hard-working people.

It is worth mentioning that the new factory is not an expansion of the old factory, but a replacement. This means that while the new building does have extra capacity, it is foolish not to do so when building a completely new facility – its purpose is very different from merely seeking output.

Not surprisingly, Swiss Omega Watches For Sale calls this new, 16,000 square meter (about 170,000 square feet), five-story, high-tech facility a new chapter in its history of innovation and manufacturing. It is full of up-to-date manufacturing and quality control technologies and it is clearly not only ecologically but also sustainable from an efficient workplace perspective.

Of course, the new facility is next to the old facility, which is located in Biel – or Bienne, if you like the French version of Omega. It was here that, under the leadership of Rue jakobo – stampfli, Louis Brandt & Fils opened his own studio in 1882 (calling Omega ( The historian of Omega will now scream and say that as early as 1848 Louis Brandt founded the first company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, except for the screaming part. They are right.) ). Omega has been known as “Omega” since 1903 and can still be found on Jacob Stupvry Street. Despite its literal and metaphorical perspective, its footprint has greatly increased.

One of the main goals of the new building is to move all operations under the same roof; all steps from watch assembly, bracelets, packaging and transportation are now carried out in this single location and do not need to be moved elsewhere. The watchmaker’s speech called these steps T2, T3, and T4. Those with a keen mathematics mind now realize that T1, which is manufacturing, is missing in this equation. As the brand of the Swatch Group, it is easy to understand Omega and ETA, Asulab and Nivarox-FAR – these are sister companies of Best Omega Replica Watches, with the expertise and technology required to produce special moving parts for Omega.

I found an interesting episode in my review of Omega’s new factory: “With the emergence of a new generation of watch buyers, Omega has completely changed its equipment with this exciting development, and everything is ready to meet Their needs.” This is actually achieved through some simple methods (a more efficient manufacturing and first-rate work environment will only benefit the product), and some are less self-evident.

Omega’s plan is to move its after-sales service department into the manufacturing building it has been using until it opens to a new location next door. This move may be a response to a problem that has long proven to be essentially an entire industry: the problem of extremely slow and inefficient post-sales. Obviously, not all brands perform the same (or worse), but it sounds like they want to ensure that Omega has the aftermarket sales capabilities that match its output, thus providing the owners of Omega watches with an ideal experience. This is very important, although people rarely talk about the improvement brought about by this measure.

Having said so much, let’s talk about the details of the new factory. The new facility was designed by the world-famous architect Shigeru Ban. It was built together with the newly established Swatch headquarters (designed by Shigeru-san), meaning that it is a fresh air for those tired Swiss buildings. .

In 2014, Shigeru-san received the Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious award in architecture, for his significant contribution to architectural innovation and philanthropy. The jury called him a “tireless architect, his The work exudes an optimistic atmosphere.” “We pay tribute to Omega because we have hired a recognized and creative Japanese architect.”

Western modernism is consistent with some of the style features of Japanese architecture. Shigeru-san’s love for the combination of the eternal beauty of wood and modern materials has inspired Western modernism – even all the wood in the building is from Switzerland. Omega mentioned that “the total amount of wood in the Omega production building is equivalent to 2.6 hours of growth in Switzerland.”

The five-story building was designed as a package that wraps a super-complex automated inventory system that is shielded in the middle. The lobby has left a deep impression on people. It is passionate, honest and objectively fanatic. The almost ridiculous front desk, with huge concrete walls and sheer space and light make you feel like you’ve entered the spaceship business for some reason carrying lots of log Swiss wood… and proudly exposing Omega-burgundy curtains to make everything feel weird Friendly and familiar.

After entering the factory, you may not think that one of the most impressive features of the new Omega factory is just a few steps away, hidden behind the nearest concrete wall. Proving a fact that the new ω plant is a logistics powerhouse, the core of the central internal stock of the very new Omega factory is a fully automated storage system that goes through three floors of buildings – although it is said that in such a factory three floors Will accommodate an apartment building more like 5 or more floors.

Shigeru-san skillfully made room for the windows on one side and the top of the storage room so that visitors could peep inside and witness the scene in the science fiction movie. About 30,000 labeled boxes, systematically stored on thousands of shelves on either side of two alleyways, are dazzling… but only when you see these two fully automated robotic transfer systems can they Charge back and forth in their own alleys at amazing speeds.

It is 27.4 meters long, 9.4 meters wide, and 14.2 meters high (89 x 31 x 47 feet). This huge space is artificially reduced, strictly maintaining an oxygen level of 15.2%, which is lower than the normal 20.9%. This is equivalent to what you experienced at a height of 3,000 meters (9,000 feet). In order to relax people who have a broader understanding of physics or hiking, we know that natural air always contains about 21% of oxygen, but at higher altitudes, given air pressure, the given volume of air It contains fewer elements, including oxygen.

In practice, this reduced oxygen level is maintained to greatly reduce the chance of a fire in a vault that is essentially a component of tens of thousands of very expensive Omega watches. The disadvantage of all this is that only two specially trained personnel are authorized to enter the central inventory system of the new Omega factory for maintenance work.

The central inventory system can perform up to 1400 operations per hour and is designed to be integrated with the plant itself so that anyone, regardless of his or her internal location, can get the required parts in 2 minutes – Usually much less than this. The Omega factory also claims that from the moment of being asked to purchase, each part has 100% traceability at every stage of its life, until a specific time and place and what it has installed. Watch makers and all other employees have installed Microsoft Surface tablets on their workstations so that they can request parts directly from central inventory, download assembly drawings, track their progress, and so on.

Omega cherishes this wisdom because it realizes that, even in terms of quantity, no automatic solution will replace the value of human touch. The machine helped OMEGA’s carefully trained watchmakers to emphasize their work, to assemble and test every timepiece delivered to the customer on the way to the factory.

This intensive attention to the human elements of the Omega Watch Factory extends to practices aimed at improving ergonomics and comfort in the work environment. In addition to the new plant, Omega also introduced a new specially designed watch manufacturing table with adjustable height and adjustable seating position. Utilizing the above paperless information system, Omega watchmakers are among the most equipped companies in the industry and may have the most organized and cleanest working environment.

Omega is committed to making all aspects of high-quality watch production as easy and as easy as possible. The establishment of an active filtration system in all watchmaking areas is part of Omega’s commitment. The air flows down from the ceiling and into the vents on the floor. These vents are pushed through the filter so fine that people claim that they not only capture dust particles, they can even capture the virus. This filtration system ensures that the air is good for breathing, but the air is also free of dust and any other particles that may land on the watch movement or dial, affecting performance and aesthetics.

In order to protect customer products and ensure the cleanest working environment, the new Omega Watch Factory provides a central viewing area for thousands of tourists every year. Visitors can watch the watch movement assembly and testing process through protective glass, without affecting the watch team’s workflow.

An office of the Omega Watch Factory was set up specifically for the Swiss government. Omega is currently the only watchmaking institution that tests the movement according to the META standard. One of the rules of this industry-leading test is that the Federal Metrology Institute has a field office to ensure strict accuracy standards and test consistency.

This METAs certification for each omega watch known as a coaxial master chronograph is not possible for most watches because they do not include Omega’s special non-magnetic moving parts combination. Magnetoresistance is one of many important criteria that a complete watch must pass to gain certification. Only the coaxial main astronomical clock produced by Omega at the Omega factory can currently pass the METAS certification standard.

Automated machinery is a popular manual replacement for long-term wear performance testing. Every METAs-certified watch produced by the Omega factory went through 14 days of simulated wear. Omega engineers developed a new machine that simulates the motion of a wrist worn by a timer for two weeks.

The Omega Watch Factory will fulfill its promise to eventually increase the production capacity of Omega watches while improving its overall quality, long-term performance and the comfort level of employees and production teams. A landmark architectural design actually ensures that the new Omega Watch Factory will inspire the next generation of watch lovers and watch makers, while providing Omega’s finest wearable products for today’s discerning consumer.

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