OMEGA Divers Will Be Hands-on In 2018

As one of the most powerful high-end watch products in 2018, Omega’s latest product is 300 million people. Originally launched in 1993 at Omega-Jean-Jean-Claude bivero-era, Seamaster is now a true iconic model of Omega. In the early 20th century, its original intention was to reiterate the relevance of Cheap Omega Replica Watches, but at the same time it also emphasized the unique design concept. In fact, the 3-meter sailor should not look like a Rolex submarine — there were dozens of watches at the time. The first company to replicate Rolex watches had its own name in the design of Rolex. Omega wants more than Rolex. It wants to be a brand new and modern thing in the way of luxury watches in the late 20th century.

It is important to talk about the original 300 million designs, because the 2018 updated model (which has a healthy variety) celebrates these core values ​​and aesthetics, making it so popular. For the watch industry, 2018 and 1993 are not the same, but after 25 years, I think people can agree that the taste of contemporary watches has not actually changed much. What I want to say is that the era of modern luxury watches began in the 1990s. In the 10-20 years from now, I expect to see a large number of “antique reissue” watches based on watches of the 1980s, 1990s and early 21st century.

Omega Replica Watches has 300 million marketing plans when it comes to new products. It is worth noting that it is not only a professional diving watch, but also popular in the future 007 series. In the 1990s, Omega used £300 million as a British spy Bond watch (it is still the official watch of the 007 series), which has made many people believe in the importance of following popular culture men. At that time, Rolex did not do anything to reach the mainstream (as opposed to already rich) audience.

One of the most representative design elements of Omega 3 meters is a manual helium release valve at 10 o’clock. I’m not sure why manual and automatic poppet relief valves are chosen where automatic valves are easy to design. My guess is that Swiss Omega Watches For Sale just wanted to have an additional character for this example, adding a second crown in this example. This peculiar feature attracts all those who pay attention to it. “What does the crown do?” This is a common problem.

The real answer is that it can help certain types of professional divers die or get sick after prolonged deep sleep. I’m sorry, what I want to say is that it can help some professional commercial divers to wear watches in the decompression cabin during the diving process. Because in the deep sea diving, because the scorpion molecule wants to escape this box, there will be no A crystal pops up. I have never entered a decompression room. Although I dive is for recreation, I have a very small chance – not to mention the timer I chose. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the “3m” design is to convey to the new generation and the new generation of wearers, because most people will never need to wear a crown. Although for the new 2018 models, these helium release valves can be unscrewed and the watch can still be waterproofed to 5,000 meters (a new feature).

Although I am not sure, but I believe that in the past 25 years, Omega has been constantly producing at least 300 million sailors. Don’t forget that in the past few years, Best Omega Replica Watches has even added several lines of diving watches so that you can see the oceans of these sea stars, as well as those retro-style sailors 300 (the “m” without meters). . The mechanical sports watch named “300 meters” (some quartz versions are also produced over a period of time) is still a good mechanical sports watch, and its price is only an entry-level (4000 – 5000 US dollars) ) The price of mechanical sports watches.

In my opinion, this 3-meter-thick tailor uses its unique hand and hour markings as an already-aged design. I admit that when I first learned about this design a long time ago, it didn’t help me much. For years, people have been watching other sports watches to appreciate Omega’s creation of a submarine with lasting power – but it has a more modern and more positive feeling.

Everything about this 300 million people is a new thing in 2018. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on steel (or most steel models). For a long time, 300 million models of titanium alloys have praised steel. First, the modern-generation 3m watch will be launched in 2018 with only one titanium model – this is a limited edition of titanium, Sedna gold and enamel. However, Fake Omega Watches has produced a considerable number of two-color steel and 18k Sedna (rose) or yellow gold models. The two-style sailor 3-meter model is indeed very cute, but their price is quite high. I think it will cost a lot of money, because I think this is a very high-value thing because it is an all-steel one. There are 300 million models.

In order to study the important details of the 3m watch of 2018, let us begin with the movement. Needless to say, Omega has included 300 million people in its astronomical watch family, which means it contains an internally manufactured META-certified “coaxial master astronomical clock” movement. The sport is Omega 8800 automatic. The 8800 caliber is 3.5 Hz (25,200 bph), and is off-line coaxially. Its power reserve is 55 hours. The use of silicon hairline and non-magnetic components make the motion extremely resistant to magnetic fields. This sport provides time and date.

In the 2018 model, a change in the 3 meter dial is the position of the date window, which is now at a more symmetrical position at 6 o’clock (relative to 3 o’clock). Omiou also told us that the existence of the new rule indicates that the diving watch needs to have a luminous spot on the 12-hour mark. So 300 million people have an hour mark under the date window. According to these new rules, Submariner will not pass because in most models, the date window will replace the hour indicator at 3 o’clock.

This new 3-meter-long sewing machine is a beautiful thing. In fact, the entire table is. Omega is taking a page from Rolex’s script to remake something new and doing well. When Rolex and “Have you noticed that we changed something?” “Omega is not ashamed to let her old model rest.” As a person with the previous generation Omega 300 million, I can easily say Although I still like my old work, I also want a new version as an upgrade to the previous model.

For steel models, Omega uses a solid laser cut ceramic as the dial. The wavy pattern of the ceramic dial is laser cut, and the time stamp used is easy to see with the newly created hand. Time stamps are very proud, especially on lighter dials. Although Planet Ocean is a very readable watch, 300 million people in 2018 may be the most recognizable diving watches. This means that many things give a textured and decorative dial.

Omega expertly improved the dial design to make the ratio look pleasant, the texture looks charming and the quality is obvious. You can see that a lot of time is spent trying to keep the text’s small, color contrast, and unnecessary parts removed. This is also a 300 million user of the “wave dial” (wave dial) that Omega launched several years ago – so these new models also mark the return of the classic look (which is very significant for diver’s watches.) ).

In 2018, Omega’s model of Omega’s 300 million model increased a little – but not much. I also fully expected Omega to produce a smaller version in the future to expand its market. Dimensions from 45 mm wide to 42 mm wide, the oversized appearance of the new sailor 300 meters makes it wear out. The carefully polished and polished steel case is not very thick for a professional diving watch, and this situation adds to its angularity, making this generation of tailors the most masculine 300 million people.

There is also a new sapphire crystal display housing that provides a view of the automatic Omega Caliber 8800. According to some of the things they learned while making the latest Speedmaster racing master chronograph, the new sailor has a sharp angle connection system at 3 meters, which can add comfort to the smaller wrist (it works). In addition to the matching steel metal bracelet, Omega now also offers a rubber strap available (and it’s expensive but very beautiful natural style strap), it is suitable for 3 meters sailor. I want to add it to the new rubber strap (it has some nice aesthetic design details). Anyone who wants to make a long journey to the wild with this watch will love this rubber band.

There is an upgraded rotation around the dial of the rotating submersible and is produced by ceramic (now a black or blue non-limited version model). The frame of the steel or gold produced by Omega depends on the model – the latter adds a real luxury experience to other tool style tailors.

I think that even in black steel, it is not entirely correct that this is a tool watch. Like Omega’s impact on the ocean, it has grown by 300 million when it matures, but it has become more “showing”. “This means that when the utility is not sacrificed, these watches are no longer small watches.” ω is a good job to ensure that eye-catching colors, angles, and styles are drawn to the eyes, but more than ever Even more, ω wants the wearer to feel comfortable showing off. However, the Hippocampus 300 is still a great choice for watch collectors who are most interested in tool-style diving watches from reputable brands with a good style.

To my delight, the new sailor of 3 meters is a bracelet. The redesign really changed the appearance of the bracelet, making it more masculine and more comfortable to wear. For the latter point, the bracelet now has a half-link, which you can use to adjust the accuracy more. Deployant clasp has a diver’s extension and incremental micro-adjust sliders, Omega has been on many new models. Although some people will miss the more mature older generation, I think most people are ready to welcome this more stylish, more modern 300 million, and Omega will start selling in 2018.

The most interesting new sailor 3 meter model is the version with matt silver dial and blue clockmaker. The most classic is the black dial model, or those who like blue as the color of the dial. I want to use a black dial, put 3 meters on the matching steel bracelet. I also have a strong feeling that we will see something like this in Mr. Bond’s new movie, “2019.”

I am also very happy to tell you that although the model of this watch is complete and it is obvious that “pay more attention to your money”, its price has not really risen. “The price of steel starts at $4,750 on rubber straps and the price of the bracelet is $4,850.” The two-tone steel and 18k Sedna or yellow gold models start at the rubber strap. For $6,500, the bracelet is about $9,700. According to Omega, this watch will be available around July 2018.

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