Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Railmaster 1957 ‘Trilogy ‘ 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Cheap Omega Replica Watches is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the “Master of Speed”, a 300-year-old “sailor”. The re-version is still true to the original design, but with the METAS approved main astronomical clock movement for the rail owners and tailors. However, Speedmaster retains the iconic “manual-wind – 1861” caliber of 1861, directly related to “moonwatch”. Of course, all three watches are limited editions, with 3,557 for each watch and 557 for the trilogy, including three. Let’s take a look at what Omega offers for Speed ​​Master ref. CK2915, Seamaster ref. CK2913 and Railmaster ref. CK2914.

Omega Replica Watches has spared no effort to maintain the overall theme of the 1957 release. For the first time, Omega used digital scanning and imaging technology, as well as the design and original drawings of each watch. While ensuring the modern execution of each watch, Omega successfully nodded the original model accurately. Take the 2017 version of the Speedmaster as an example, compared to the 1957 model seen above.

All three watches will feature a “tropical” dial, and every piece of the watch likes it, even a retro-styled logo – this is the supplier of the 1950s. Recognition of the interpretation of the Omega Replica trademark. Each box is made of brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel, and has a design that has been renewed in strength and matched with vintage-inspired buttons with vintage logos. I think the retro-style LumiNova index is cool – however, I can see some enthusiasts think it takes away the “feel” of some watches that carry many of the features of their predecessors.

Let’s start with the limited edition of the Omega Speed ​​Masters 60th Anniversary. Considering the online catalog of the Omega Speed ​​Masters (we discussed here) published on their website last week, this watch should not be surprising. The re-release of this iconic fast camera is nothing new, for example, the wide arrow number 3594.50.00 was released a few years ago, but the size is 42mm. Of course, the retro-style Speedmaster’57 vintage watch draws a lot of inspiration from the original, but it moves in its own direction. Here, we saw a more realistic reprint, including a 38.6 mm case, but as mentioned earlier, it is characterized by a caliber of 1861 (the original CK2915 in 1957 was characterized by a 321-caliber movement).

The Omega Speedmaster is the most widely known “wide arrow” card, which will be used in all three models; this is a move I really like. This is a less subtle retro style of the already iconic timepiece, which I think gives the originality and character of a series that recurs in the spotlight.

The Omega Track Masters 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Astronomical Clock will measure 38mm wide, carrying all the design elements of the 1957 model and adding the modern buyer’s standard super-light speed Nova. For those seeking accurate replicas, this may “destroy their feelings,” but Fake Omega Watches decided to add a contemporary sport, the 8806 caliber, which can withstand a magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. Since Omega’s METAS certification, it has been The main sport of Omega. The sport runs at 25,600 volts per hour and has a sturdy 55-hour power reserve.

Considering that this watch is designed for scientists who are exposed to magnetic fields, this update is very suitable. Although this is a limited edition, its size and classic design make me think we can compete with Rolex Explorer I, isn’t it?

The Voyager’s 300th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronograph (see above, below the original 1957) retains the 1957 original wide arrow pointer, two-way rotating border and triangular timing markers. Omega Hippocampus 300 main introduction coaxial as early as 2014, but it is fully armed, not really original model, 41mm case and lots of refreshes and updates (you can read all the articles about it in the link to the above picture) It is far from the reedition. Here, we got a 39mm box with a black aluminum frame, an iconic seahorse carving, and the original Naiad logo on the crown. The move was updated, the same as we saw in the railroad administrator 8806.

As mentioned earlier, each piece is independent and you can choose to purchase the entire Trilogy as a set. This includes the iconic red corduroy lining, as well as the retro hippocampus logo on the top of the lid, as well as two alternative belts – a leather and a NATO – and a small box for each watch.

When we often see retro-inspired replays, there are sure people will say in unison: “Why do they change (insert design features)?” So, Best Omega Replica Watches will definitely make the history of the precise fans The reprint is more pleasing. Similarly, there will be 3,557 watches per watch and 557 “trilogy” options. Omega (Omega) speed master reference price: 311. will be CHF 6700, Omega Seamaster ref. will be CHF 6,500, and Omega’s Railmaster ref: 220.10. will be CHF 6300. We will price you when we have a trilogy.

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